Zuken Launches Harness Builder 2017 for E3.series

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Zuken has released Harness Builder 2017 for E3.series. This powerful, yet easy-to-use tool is based on the popular and proven E3.series toolset from Zuken. Created for harness manufacturers, Harness Builder for E3.series produces a synchronized BOM, harness drawings and wirelists, all in one sheet.

Harness manufacturers can easily create their harness documentation from drawings and/or a wirelist in a short amount of time. Data sheets can be easily added to documentation. Pricing information, lead time and assembly time can also be calculated automatically.

“Harness Builder 2017 for E3.series responds to customer requests for more test output capability and improved cost analysis,” said Paul Harvell, Director, E3.series Product USA. “Our customers appreciate the simplicity and cost effectiveness of Harness Builder for E3.series, and this release builds on those priorities.”

In the new release, users will see expanded test system coverage with support for Cirris Systems and Dynalab Test Systems. Test system support is a critical need for harness manufacturers and this release provides capabilities to generate test files that are fully compatible with these test systems.

“Our common customers will immediately benefit from this new export capability in a Cirris tester compatible format,” said Kevin Ellsworth, Product Manager, Cirris Test Systems. “They will no long have to input the same data into both systems, saving significant time. By linking Zuken’s Harness Builder for E3.series with Cirris Systems’ harness test products, we can deliver a more comprehensive solution to the harness manufacturing industry.”

Numerous factors can impact harness cost. Harness manufacturers require fast and accurate cost analysis tools and Harness Builder 2017 for E3.series takes into account new cost factors that include inspection time, labor rate, testing time and tooling cost. Incorporating these new cost factors into the design process will improve estimates with minimal additional effort.

Other new features include:

  • Fully integrated unit of measurement definition
  • Full butt splice support of heat shrinks, featuring horizontal shrinkage and cable separation in wire lists.
  • New library parts, including: SOURIAU – 8STA, DEUTSCH – AUTOSPORT, and MIL DRL-38999.

Harness Builder 2017 for E3.series is available today and is fully compatible with E3.series 2016 and 2017.

Visit Zuken (Booth #1449) at the Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo, May 10-11, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to see a full demonstration.

About Zuken

Zuken is a global provider of leading-edge software and consulting services for electrical and electronic design and manufacturing. Founded in 1976, Zuken has the longest track record of technological innovation and financial stability in the electronic design automation (EDA) software industry. The company’s extensive experience, technological expertise and agility, combine to create world-class software solutions. Zuken’s transparent working practices and integrity in all aspects of business produce long-lasting and successful customer partnerships that make Zuken a reliable long-term business partner. 

Zuken is focused on being a long-term innovation and growth partner. The security of choosing Zuken is further reinforced by the company’s people—the foundation of Zuken’s success. Coming from a wide range of industry sectors, specializing in many different disciplines and advanced technologies, Zuken’s people relate to and understand each company’s unique requirements.

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