IBR Optimizes Incoming Customer Data Handling using Ucamco’s Integr8tor

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IBR Leiterplantten has optimized their data handling by implementing Ucamco’s Integr8tor.  IBR Leiterplatten is not just a typical online shop. They are a medium-sized family company staffed by a very friendly and capable team of experts ready to tackle any printed circuit board project, now more than ever.

Nothing can replace experience, and that is exactly what IBR customers can benefit from every day. Thanks to their wealth of experience, this successful company from the Heilbronn area can take on any technical challenge, and will be happy to advise and support any project implementation. There is an art to handling simple printed circuit board requirements and special projects without errors. Sources of errors can often be dealt with during the data check, saving unexpected costs. This is another important reason why IBR's CAM operator workstations are equipped with the latest technology and software. It can be difficult to get an overview of more complex printed circuit board projects and despite taking great care, errors may creep in. IBR stands for consistently high quality, flexibility and optimum value-for-money. To meet these requirements going into the future, IBR daily perfects its processes, which are already highly optimised.

“We are growing and the number of new projects is constantly increasing,” explains Managing Director Christian Ringler. “In order to be even better and more efficient, we need the right in-house tools to meet our own requirements and the constantly increasing demands of our customers. That is why we decided to introduce Integr8tor software.”

Integr8tor analyses all incoming customer files for obvious errors, bottlenecks and manufacturability, coming up with a complete report of all the specifications within a few minutes, without any input from the user.

“This saves us time and it means our customers can get more precise information about preprogrammed production errors at the quotation stage. Otherwise this would only be possible after putting quite a lot into CAM work,” confirms Technical Manager Stephan Mantei.

Christian Ringler adds, “Integrating the Integr8ator software into our processes was really easy. It is user-friendly and the analysis results can be viewed by all our staff members. Through the next steps, the results will be transferred automatically to the quotation form. Ucamco did the installation and Integr8tor training brilliantly and they will be an important partner of IBR in the future.”

About Ucamco

Ucamco (formerly Barco ETS) is a market leader in PCB CAM software, photoplotting and direct imaging systems, with a global network of sales and support centers. Headquartered in Ghent, Belgium, Ucamco has over 25 years of ongoing experience in developing and supporting leading-edge photoplotters and front-end tooling solutions for the global PCB industry. Key to this success is the company's uncompromising pursuit of engineering excellence in all its products.


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